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Independent Care Waiver Program

The Independent Care Waiver is for eligible Medicaid recipients
who have severe physical disabilities, are between the ages of 21
and 64 when they apply, and meet the criteria below. They must:

  • Be capable of directing their own services (individuals with a
    TBI do not have to meet this criteria);
  • Have a severe physical impairment and/or TBI that
    substantially limits one or more activities of daily living and
    requires the assistance of another individual;
  • Be medically stable but at risk of placement in a hospital or
    nursing facility because community-based support services
    are not available; and
  • Be able to be safely placed in a home and community setting.


Eligibility for SOURCE

  • Adult Day Health
  • Personal Support
  • Personal Care Homes


Cost-Share Explaination




Non-medical care that helps individuals with his or her activities of daily living, preparation of special diets and self-administration of medication not requiring constant attention of medical personnel. Providers of custodial care are not required to undergo medical training.
Alternative Living Services are instructional services provided by an individual contractor. The service focuses on community-based individualized training to enable a client to live as independently as possible with minimal residential services. 


Requirements for PCH admission

Medical documentation of a current(not more than 6 months old) Tuberculosis Screen(TB) screen or Clear Chest X-Ray to medically clear the client for TB.

A 2 page document called Physicians Eval needs to be completed (no more than 30 days prior to the date a client moves into a PCH) by a Physician that states the clients is appropriate for Personal Care Home Placement.


The Difference Between CCSP and SOURCE

Both program give clients the same service-Care in a Personal Care Home and the services of a Registered Nurse who coordinates their care.

The Main difference is that only clients receiving SSI are eligible for the SOURCE Program.

Clients receiving SSI or regular Social Security may be referred to either CCSP or SOURCEBUT SOURCE does not have a waiting list so most clients with SSI will automatically be referred to SOURCE program.

Medical Eligibility is the same for both programs. Both Programs require that a client meet Intermediate Nursing Home Level of Care.

Majority of Clients on CCSP only collect regular Social Security and have only Medicare benefits. When these clients are placed on the CCSP Program they are then given Georgia Mediciad Benefits as well. That means that in order for a client to be eligible for CCSP they must also meet financial requirements of Georgia Medicaid.


Referral Process

Referrals can be made by anyone! Families, Social Workers, Discharge Planners, Physician Offices, Adult Protective Services and or the Patient themselves can call into our office to start the referral process. Referrals can also be submited by e-mail on our Contact Us form or by faxing in the information on our Referral Sheet to 770-466-3810. A placement coordinator will contact you within 24 hours to start the process.


Georgia Health Services does not own any group home facilities

No, Georgia Health Services does not own their own group home facilities. That means we do not compete with our contracted Personal Care Homes for clients. Any referral our agency receives is given directly to our contracted Personal Care Homes.

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