Personal Home Care Services

Our agency evaluates the level of care that is necessary to improve the client’s quality of life. The following services and Amenties are provided to CCSP and SOURCE Clients:

  • Bi-Monthly Case Management
  • Health Monitored by a Registered Nurse
  • Assistance with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, grooming, etc.
  • Three Nutritious meals and snacks daily
  • Assistance with medication administration
  • Geriatric Assessment/Evaluation
  • Transportation-Non-Emergency Transport provided by Medicaid

*Transportation restrictions may apply-based upon guidelines of Non-Emergency Transport under Georgia Medicaid. Clients must be able to ride transportation by themselves and be alert and oriented to safely utilize transportation services.

What services are provided by a privately owned Personal Care Home?

“Each personal care home must offer to the residents of the home, room, three meals and snacks daily, activities, and the amount of personal care and supervision needed by each resident. Personal care includes daily awareness of the residents functioning and whereabouts, assistance in the activities of daily living. The home must provide laundry services and must arrange for or provide transportation services. A personal care home cannot provide nursing or other medical services or admit and retain residents who need continuous medical or nursing care”.

Georgia Department HealthCare Facility Regulations website

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